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lets have fun

helping my girl friend to change her living room
1286x - 09.11.2011
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kayvintage19.09 - 09.11.2011


kayvintage19.10 - 09.11.2011


Tino6809.09 - 10.11.2011

I like "The Beatles"? favorite. :smile:

boshamhoe10.04 - 10.11.2011

I prefer the wunderful mirrow :wink: but I like the picture, too.

catkin22.56 - 10.11.2011

yeah, beatles! But the wreath for the next two months :smile:

DOBi07.07 - 12.11.2011

i think the "Baetles" picture is the best, too. But the mirrow is also very nice :smile:

kayvintage07.38 - 12.11.2011

the Beatles are the Rolling Stones, I did like that one most.
but my friend went for the mirrow

kayvintage07.39 - 12.11.2011

it was so much fun..